Offers across all your bank cards

From dining to leisure and more, discover offers linked to all your bank cards in one simple free App.


How It Works


Access Appstore or Playstore to download MyTab.


Sign up and select which cards you have – Visa/MasterCard/HSBC.


Let the App search for the best offers around you.

Select & Redeem

Like an offer? Click redeem and adjust towards your bill.


Customer Benefits

FREE Forever

No sign up or subscription fees, MyTab is completely free for all users.

One App Multiple Card Offers

Get all your offers from across all your bank cards and more.

Location Based Offers

MyTab shows offers based on your location. No more browsing for new offers around you.

Merchant Benefits with MyTab

It’s Free

Get in touch to feature your outlets on MyTab. We do not charge any commission or fees for this

Choose Your Customer

Our banking partnerships will help you target the right kind of customers

You Decide Your Offer

We can use our insight to help you decide which offers you should promote on MyTab

Banks Benefit with MyTab

Minimal Cost

Partner with MyTab and promote all your banking offers on our app.


Receive key monthly reports on your customers usage.


Optional Key advertising spaces available for other banking services.

Merchant Acquisition

Let MyTab acquire new merchant partners on your behalf based on your card holders demographics and locations.

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